Interior Design Biz Bundle

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Interior Design Biz Bundle


Interior design is supposed to be fun but all of the paperwork and communication can be daunting and overwhelming. If you don’t have the right contracts in place, it will cost your business money. This bundle streamlines the entire process for you.

How do you know what to say to a potential client? Should you charge hourly or by the job? Can you protect your valuable time by having a letter of agreement in place that ensures you earn what you deserve? YES! I’ve taken my years of experience and put them into these forms and email templates. Saving you this critical step means you have more time to spend working on projects and growing your business!

These templates are suggestions to give you a jumping off point to create your own forms, perfectly suited for your business!

Most of the work is already done for you! You just need to copy the text and paste everything into your own documents so it works for your own brand and business.

My forms refer to interior design services. If you are not a licensed interior designer, be sure to change that verbiage to interior decorating.

  • Digital link sent directly to you email address. For this bundle, you will receive a welcome email first, followed by a separate email containing the downloadable PDF files. Please contact me if you don’t receive your files within 24 hours.

I am NOT a lawyer and you should always make sure your contract is legal and protects you in the way you want to be protected.  I assume no responsibility if you use my contract without first consulting with a lawyer.

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I was so excited to receive the Designer Bundle from Victoria Lee Home. Because I am just starting my design business, having the expertise of a seasoned designer makes me feel more confident that I will have the right tools in place. I especially found the Purchasing and Letters of Agreement helpful. Anna Kat is an extremely talented designer who is so gracious to share her best practices and tips with other up-and-coming designers. Thanks again!

- Susan Young, Decorator and Home Stager, Color Joy Interiors LLC

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Once you make your purchase, you will receive a welcome email. A second email will then be sent which includes all of the PDF files included in the bundle. Be sure to use these files as a guideline to create your own forms that fit your brand and business.