Hi, friends! For the last year, I have been developing an online interior decorating course called Decorator's Launch Pad. I have also been consulting (for free) with a number of people who want to start their own business. Because these requests have become so popular, I have decided to add Interior Design Business Coaching to my list of services. There are a number of resources already available in my shop and I'm working on even more. If there is a demand for one-on-one coaching sessions, I will also be adding those as well. Please let me know what you would like to see made available or if there is any way I can help you make your design dreams a reality!

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Design Biz Bundle

Interior design is supposed to be fun but all of the paperwork and communication can be daunting and overwhelming. If you don’t have the right contracts in place, it will cost your business money. This bundle streamlines the entire process for you.

How do you know what to say to a potential client? Should you charge hourly or by the job? Can you protect your valuable time by having a letter of agreement in place that ensures you earn what you deserve? YES! I’ve taken my years of experience and put them into these forms and email templates. Saving you this critical step means you have more time to spend working on projects and growing your business!

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What To Charge

Determining what to charge can be tricky. Especially when you are just starting out. You want to earn enough to make a living but you don't yet have the experience to back it up. You might not even know what the going rates are in your area.

This eBook breaks down FOUR DIFFERENT WAYS designers charge. I’m telling you the method I use and giving you all the information to decide which works best for your business.

Blogging for Business

Blogging For Business

How to create, launch, & monetize your blog. A blog is a great way to stay connected with your audience and grow your business. This eBook breaks down how to get started, gives you tips for your launch, and provides resources on how to monetize your blog. Blogging for business just go a lot easier!